Another Species is a Mother Agency
designed to support its models and provide guidance in the development of their career across various markets worldwide. A Mother Agency’s highest priority is to ensure that the models’ meet their full potential.

Julien Pineault, founder of ANOTHER SPECIES, began his career as a model and understands first-hand the consequences of poor management. That is why we are committed to honoring the well being of our models as they immerse themselves in the competitive realm of professional modeling. Our strategy is to manage our models’ careers based on what the current trends are & what the models need/want long-term.

Representation by a Mother Agency is essential for the successful progression of a model’s path because of the high level of attention paid to the individual’s unique strengths and qualities. In recent years, model agencies have become much less intimate organizations, sometimes representing over 200 models. We believe that our focus on personal development separates us from other agencies worldwide. When both the talent & agent honor and believe in one another, a positive system is at work, propelling the model into a fulfilling career. That is why ANOTHER SPECIES is extremely selective with representation, ensuring the highest level of support and management.

ANOTHER SPECIES represents some of the industry’s fastest up and coming faces.
Regardless of your location, we are interested in hearing from you.
We look forward to building you up.